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Istrian cuisine
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Istrian cuisine
Following the grandgrandmas recipes, we prepare seasonally colored typical Istrian 
dishes. We serve them with homemade bread and olive oil. You can enjoy them with 
homemade juice and local wines and you can finish with delicious desserts, homemade tea, coffee and homemade digestive.
Bobici - Istrian minestrone with sweet corn, potatoes, beans ...
Jota - coastal minestra with sauerkraut, potatoes, beans
Chicken soup, vegetable cream soups
Potato gnocchi with wild boar goulash or domestic rabbit
Polenta with chicken stew,the Drunken Istrian
Homemade pasta with Medljan pesto
Sausage, pork steak, sauerkraut and roasted potatoes
Meat, vegetables and potatoes under the bell
Goose with bread dumplings and red cabbage
Apple crostata, Refosco pancake, pannacotta, figs in wine, fruit pie ...
We prepare meals in limited menus on weekends and on request for closed groups.
Give us a call so we can expect you!
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