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Group cathering and birthday parties
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Group catering and birthday parties
The farm can accommodate groups of up to 32 people in two dining rooms.
Betola da Bruno is a dining area by the fireplace suitable for up to 18 people, 
where you can socialize especially on cold days.
The Farmer room is suitable for groups of up to 32 people, where parties for 
children's birthdays can also be organized. Children can play in the farmyard and 
observe the animals, but adults have control and animate them.
In the spring and autumn time you can sit under one of our pergolas, but in 
the summer time we do not organize parties, because of the guests who are staying 
on the farm. We pamper our guests with typical Istrian dishes and local drinks and 
we can also prepare homemade pizza for children. We do not rent the premises.
It is not possible to reach the farm by bus, which can park 1.2 km away in the village
of Šared.
We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Book by phone, mail or with us directly.
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